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PCB Quality Systems are certified to the requirements of the following International Standards (available for download on this web page):


AS9100 Revision B: 航空航天质量管理体系
ISO9001:2000: ISO9001:2000管理体系
ISO17025 and ANSI-Z-540-1: 检测和校准实验室能力的通用要求
EN13980 & Directive 94/9/EC: 潜在爆炸性气体质量体系

These standards strive for process consistency and provide a means for continuous improvement while covering the entire product cycle, which includes contracting, product design control, manufacturing process control and inspection and test. In-house calibration of PCB sensors is conducted with full traceability to National and International Institutes of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T., P.T.B). In addition, a complete listing of A2LA accredited calibration services is documented on PCB’s “Scope of Calibration” document(s).

PCB®采用以上标准努力确保生产过程的一致性,作为在整个产品生命周期中不断改善优化程序的一个衡量标准,始终贯穿于产品合同签署、产品设计、生产过程控制以及后期测试。设于PCB®工厂内的传感器校准执行美国国家国际标准技术研究所标准并可溯源。此外,整套A2LA认可的校准服务列表可在PCB®’s “Scope of Calibration” document(s)处获取


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